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How To Make Your Travel Fun With Your Furry Pet?


Are you planning to travel away for quite some long and wondering how to manage your pet? Now, this is always a dilemma for pet owners. If they are too young, it can be risky to keep them all alone at home while you are gone. On the other hand, if they tag along, it can double your anxiety about travelling with them. In the article that we did in collaboration with, we talk about how to make your travel fun and exciting with your furry pet.

Why Should You Not Leave Your Pet Alone At Home?


If you have a puppy, you shouldn’t leave them alone at home because that can cause separation anxiety. A lot of reports and studies reveal that young puppies or dogs feel upset or moody if they are left alone at home. Once they develop separation anxiety, it can get tough and difficult to manage them so young. Additionally, since they are so small, they might want to pee more often. In such situations, if you plan on leaving them all alone, you could better imagine the state of your house while returning. Since puppies are not used to being alone, it can make them trust you less or feel unsafe with you. At the same time, they need to be taken into the bathroom at regular intervals.

What Do You Need To Know While Travelling With Pets?


So finally, you have decided to take your pet along for your travel diaries. Before you tag your pet along, here are some of the most important factors that you need to consider for the trip. First and foremost, make sure that your pet is fit enough to travel with you. While some animals cannot travel due to health issues, illness or age, others simply do not like the idea of travelling. Hence, before you head over to the trip, consult your veterinarian for an export option on the same. If your vet permits you to do so, you can happily tag your furry pet along. Let’s dive a little deeper and have a look at the things you should know. Read on to know more.

1. Identification

Always make sure that your pet has a proper identification card. The card should have your home address along with your contact number. This is essential because if you happen to lose your pet, the identification card will help people contact you. You can get an ID tag that you can fit on the collar. Another option for the identification is microchipping. It is a permanent and safe way to get the identification done for your pet. This method can be very beneficial if your pet happens to break loose from his/her collar.

2. In-cabin Air Travel

Animals less than 20 pounds are usually allowed to travel in the cabin along with an adult. Also, be aware that every airline company only allows a limited number of animals on board at a time. Hence, if you are travelling with your furry pet, then do contact the airline beforehand to request them to book a spot. If you have a flexible travel option, then it is advisable to get a mid-week flight. These flights are generally less crowded as compared to weekend flights. Furthermore, it is best to avoid flying during the holidays. They can be too crowded which will make your journey difficult. At the same time, prefer a non-stop flight.

3. Documents


While travelling with your pet, it is recommended that you take a picture of your pet’s medical history. In case you are in the middle of a medical emergency, these documents will be super beneficial. You can show these pictures to the vet handling your pet which will give them a clear picture of the condition. Do note that different states require varying certificates or documents. Hence, before you visit, do your basic research and carry along all the necessary information on your phone. You can also plan a quick vet trip right before your travel to get the important files or documents.

4. Accessories

It is essential to invest in a good quality pet carrier or travel crate for travelling purposes. At the same time, the carrier should be ventilated well enough so that your pet doesn’t feel uncomfortable in it. Additionally, the carrier should be big enough for your furry companion to sit up, stand, lie down, and move about comfortably. Consider checking out the range of pet carriers and travel crates offered by Bluewater Dog, a reputable brand known for its high-quality pet accessories.

5. Pet-Friendly Hotel

Not all hotels allow pets. Hence, before you travel to make sure that the hotel that you book is pet friendly. In some cases, they may ask you for an extra payment. You can request the owners to give you a room near the exit. This will make it easier for you to take your dog out for a walk. Furthermore, there are hotels that do not allow pets on the furniture. Thus, make sure you abide by the rules and regulations. Keep your pet away from the furniture to prevent scratches or any kind of marks. Also, even if your dog is potty trained, a new environment or surrounding can make them restless and nervous. This is why it is best to put a pee pad along the floor so as to prevent any kind of accidents.

Another option is to put them in a luxury dog hotel while you are away so they can relax in
your hometown and play with new friends in luxury while you are away.

Safety Check List


Travelling along your furry companion can be an additional responsibility. Hence, as a responsible adult, you need to take care of certain aspects that will make your trip easy and fun. As they say that prevention is ten times better than the cure. Let’s us have a look at some safety checklist points that may help you plan an exciting trip with your lovely pet.

1. Make a list of the nearby vets in the area you visit

You can never predict when your pet falls ill. Hence, the best way out of it is to make a detailed list of the nearby vets in the place you plan on visiting. This way, if your pet starts feeling unwell, you can instantly call the vets or take them directly to the clinic. This list can be highly beneficial in case of any emergency. You can also research regarding the 24-hour emergency hospitals, especially for pets.

2. Limit meals before trips


It is recommended that you limit meals for your pet before the trip. This is because there are high chances for them to have an upset stomach which can cause accidents while travelling. Pets should always travel on limited meals or an empty stomach before a trip to avoid any kind of accidents.

3. Necessities

Always make sure to pack the basic pet supplies while you plan your travel. There can be a high chance that the food that your pet eats may not be available at the stores in the place you visit. This can cause huge trouble for you and your pet. Hence, carry ample amounts of food, leads, portable food, water bowls, and some favourite toys. Additionally, you can also carry bedding, a good number of disposal bags, collars and parasite protection creams. At the same time, do not forget to carry some basic medicines for digestion and other stomach troubles. However, only give pet food once you reach the destination and not while travelling. You can offer some treats if required.

4. Cargo Hold


If your dog is big enough and won’t fit in the cabin, there are some airlines that allow pets in the cargo. However, be sure that your airline does allow pets in the cargo section. Not all airlines permit animals on board. Hence, when you book the flight, be sure to cross-check and confirm regarding the same. You can also choose to look at the performance record of the airline before you allow a space for your pet in the cargo. Also, reserving a space in the cargo requires additional booking or a separate one for your pet. You can get in touch with the airlines for more assistance.

5. Clip Your Pet’s Nails

Before flight travel, it is recommended that you clip your pet’s nails. This will prevent their nails from getting hooked ad various spots of the aeroplane. Also, no nails mean no scratches, accidents or injuries. Since a lot of people will travel along with your pet and yourself, they might get stressed out which may lead to unwanted behaviour. Hence, clipping nails is a safe way out to make sure that there are no accidents caused due to your pet.

Tips To Have A Fun Flight With Your Furry Friend


Travelling along with your pet can be a nightmare for some. However, with these fun and quirky tips, you will look forward to travelling with your pet more often.

1. Book Early

A majority of the airlines allow just one or two dogs or pets on a flight. Hence, it is very important that you book your pet’s tickets much prior. You would not want to keep your pet alone at home while you travel. This is why it is preferable to book flights very early on. This will ensure that you and your pet can travel together on one flight. At the same time, do a double check if the airlines do accept pets in the cabin. Once the airline confirms the information, you can then proceed to book your tickets. The added benefit of booking your seat early is that you get to choose the seats that you like. If you are a window person, you can get the availability of these seats.

2. Visit The Vet


Just like how travelling makes some people sick, some animals also tend to feel unwell. This is why it is best to visit your pet’s doctor and have a look if there are any pending vaccinations required. Furthermore, get a full body checkup done for your furry friend to check if everything is alright. Also, you can ask the vet to prescribe some medicines that may be useful for travelling purposes. Also, get the necessary medical documents along for your travel. If you cannot carry the documents, you can simply click a picture of the critical documents and save them onto your phone.

3. Arrive Early

While flying out on a trip, it is best to get to the airport 2-3 hours early. Also, keep all the necessary documents handy since the agents will ask you for the same. First, they will check the documents submitted by you and then decide whether all of them are accurate. Only after this procedure will you be allowed to check-in. This process can take a lot of your time which is why it is recommended that you come pretty early for your flight.


If you are planning to go on a flight trip along with your furry friend, then this simple guide should help you cross the barriers with ease. Now make travelling with your pet easy and fun, not just in words but in action too. All it takes is some responsibility and patience to make a trip all fun and games. However, do make sure not to give any kind of tranquillizers to your pet just because you are nervous. It is not recommended until your veterinarian suggests you to use them. On the other hand, if your doctor suggests you to use them, make sure that write the name of the drug along with the dosage on your pet’s carrier. Also, once you reach your destination, take your dog out for a walk so that they feel comfortable again. We hope this article helps you plan an exciting trip with your furry friend.

Written by Marinelle Adams