How Do I Use My Polar Care Kodiak? 


Cold therapy has indeed been put to use for centuries in the treatment of pains and swelling. This explains why there have been diverse studies to present stakeholders with a cold treatment option that is more advanced and highly effective.

The polar care Kodiak is one of the critical results attained from these scholarly and innovative missions based on its nature as one of the safest, highly effective, and patient-friendly methods.

Truth be told, even the most sophisticated medical technologies and innovations will never yield the desired outputs if they are not used as prescribed in the standard operating procedures.

In essence, your easy-to-use polar care Kodiak cold therapy system uses the internally built Intelli-Flo pads (temperature-regulated) to optimize cold applications to the affected area of the body.

Here’s the procedure that will guide you on how to use your polar care Kodiak if you want to reap optimal benefits, click here to see more.

Be Keen to Follow the Operating Instructions


Your Polar Care Kodiak will come with a user manual alongside the directives you will receive from your physician. Always ensure that you adhere to these instructions if you want to reap the most out of its cold treatment equipment.

  • Be Sure That Your Medical Condition (Pain/Swelling) Requires The Use of the Polar Care Kodiak

You will only be sure that your swell or pain requires the use of the polar care Kodiak cold treatment chamber by discussing your condition with a licensed physician.

Be sure to provide even the simplest details concerning your condition such as your medical history and possible bodily reactions to cold.

This will place the practitioner in a better position to know whether you are fit to use the polar care Kodiak system. Also, feel free to ask the physician about the possible adverse reactions.

Note: Always purchase these items from places like Source Cold Therapy and other sites that have a reputation, authority, and ratings. That enables you to ask questions and clear up any doubts or concerns that you may have.

  • Only Use the Polar Care Kodiak System As Prescribed by the Physician

Be quite keen to follow your physician’s instructions concerning certain pertinent issues like the duration and frequency of applying It to the affected area.

It would be best if you looked at how long the brakes should last between applications, the mode and period of inspecting the affected area of the skin, and the overall treatment length.

Always contact your physician if you are in doubt. Remember never to use your polar care Kodiak system if you think that the physician did not provide you with the necessary instructions. Further, remember to stay cautious if you did not understand what the medical care worker said. It is best to remember that it is your body we are talking about.

There are instances where the physician may provide different instructions that are customized to meet your individual needs. If this is not the case, be sure to take intermittent breaks between usage. You may achieve this by initiating a simple disconnection of the power cable from the socket or removing your polar care Kodiak unit from your body for at least half an hour.

NOTE: Federal laws (and other jurisdictional laws) restrict the sale of the polar care Kodiak systems by or with the instructions of a licensed healthcare practitioner.

Use Your Polar Care Kodiak Alongside An Insulation Barrier and A Cold Therapy Pad


It would help if you never let any part of the polar care Kodiak cold therapy system directly contact any of your body parts.

Remember to treat this as the first “commandment” when using the polar care Kodiak. You will be better placed to avoid direct skin contact with the device by ensuring that you are fully equipped with an insulation barrier.

You may improvise things like elastic bandages, the Breg polar dressing, or cast paddings to work as practical barriers between your skin and the polar care Kodiak.

Also, embrace an extra measure to include an additional insulation material even when the physician was keen enough to have a sterile dressing at the point of swelling/pain but left some space uncovered.

It could be a great idea to use your polar care Kodiak cold system with a compatible cold therapy pad (probably from the same manufacturer).

There’s a tendency that, at times, pads from other manufacturers could be colder and may increase the chances of experiencing more challenging cold-induced injuries like full-thickness necrosis.

Keep the Moisture Levels In Check


Always check the moisture levels in the region between the cold pad and your skin. This is the only way to ensure that you get the most out of your polar care Kodiak cold therapy unit.

Have the confidence to discontinue the use of your polar care Kodiak system any moment you realize that the barrier has developed a moist environment. Similarly, it will be a great idea to adopt a clean and dry barrier when you want to resume usage.

Institute a mechanism that will enable you to inspect your skin on a regular basis


When using your polar care Kodiak cold treatment system, the key to success is to keep it at regular checks. Always inspect the skin region covered by the polar care Kodiak by lifting as instructed by the physician at least every 1 or 2 hours.

You will never be prosecuted for asking your physicians to give you a small lesson on inspecting the skin region covered by the polar care Kodiak. The best advice would be to take these lessons with the utmost consideration.

Never apply a polar care unit whenever you are casting, dressing, or bracing the affected region of the skin as they may hinder effective skin checking. It is always advisable to seek your physician’s attention any time you realize that the covered area (or another body part) is experiencing some forms of adverse reactions like blisters, abnormal itches, swells, and severe pains.

Other Utilization Tips


Here are the tips that will help you gain the most out of your polar care Kodiak system.

  • Try applying ice cubes or ice chunks
  • Drain the polar care Kodiak pad between uses
  • Never run the pump without adequate amounts of water as it may lead to permanent damage
  • Ensure that the unit is unplugged from the power source before you remove the lid

These are a few of the aspects to think about when you are utilizing this fantastic form of therapy.

Written by Marinelle Adams