What Makes a Tree House a Great Vacation Choice


Children love to climb trees. The excitement of being high above the world and the different perspective that is provided at this height are only two of several reasons they enjoy this activity. Why not recapture some of that joy? With the help of a treehouse resort, doing so has never been easier.

Adults find they can leave their real lives behind when they take advantage of accommodations offered through treehouseresort. They get a unique experience that will not soon be forgotten. What can a person expect when they stay in a treehouse as opposed to a bed and breakfast or a luxury resort?

Rustic Accommodations

Kids don’t have luxury accommodations in their treehouses. That’s one of the joys of having a getaway of this type. They can enjoy their childhood without being bombarded by video games, TV shows, and other digital offerings. A treehouse resort is no different. A person should not rent a treehouse and expect to have modern technology at their fingertips.

Guests will often find they must climb rope ladders to reach their accommodations. There may be a rope swing or another basic means of reaching their destination. Most treehouses lack electricity and running water, so a person should not expect to benefit from modern conveniences. However, the charm and coziness of the treehouse are enough to make many people feel perfectly fine when doing without.

The Beauty of Nature


One reason people choose a treehouse over a luxury hotel is they know they will get to see nature in all its glory. Staying in a treehouse gives them a different view of the area in which they are staying. They can see farther and may get to view the natives from a different viewpoint. In addition, they get to see the wonders of nature up close.

A person might find their next-door neighbor is a family of exotic birds or they might get a broader view of the ocean and its surroundings. This varies by where the treehouse is located, but more places now offer these types of accommodations. A person should consider staying in several treehouses in various parts of the world to see what they can find.

Available Amenities

When choosing a treehouse resort, ask about the available amenities. Many places offer dining in a communal hall, for example. This allows guests to benefit from treehouse accommodations while still having easy access to basic necessities.

In addition, a treehouse resort may have a phone where guests can be reached in an emergency. They might also offer group activities so guests can interact with one another. Each resort differs in terms of its offerings, so it falls on potential guests to learn what they will have access to when staying in a treehouse.

An Active Vacation


While it may be nice to lie on a beach and soak up the sun’s rays, this can get boring after a while. Many people prefer to be on the go when they are vacationing. They are tired of sitting behind a desk and want to enjoy outdoor activities during their free time. A treehouse resort will allow them to do so easily.

Guests will have plenty of outdoor things to do in nature. In addition, the resort might provide access to outdoor amenities. Imagine enjoying time on a rope swing or taking part in an obstacle course, one in which guests must climb ladders, navigate rope bridges, and more. Some resorts now offer activities of these types.

A Unique Experience

Imagine being able to return home and tell friends and family about the fun had while staying in a treehouse. This vacation is one many people don’t know exists. They will be fascinated by the stories that are told and the pictures that are shared. This is a unique experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Many people today prefer experiential travel. They are tired of the same vacation year after year. A treehouse resort is one that will provide an adventure from the moment the guest arrives until they return home. It definitely won’t be boring.

Plan Accordingly


A person needs to remember that a treehouse is rustic. They need to pack accordingly and ensure they have access to amenities as needed. The treehouse may lack heat and air conditioning, for example. Guests must consider this when packing for the trip and ensure there is medical care nearby if someone needs the attention of a doctor.

Bring items that may not be needed on luxury vacations. Add bug spray and sunscreen to the packing list and be sure to bring extra socks and clothing that can be layered. However, it is best to pack light, as there may be a hike to the treehouse. Guests don’t want to be exhausted when they arrive at their accommodations.

In addition, the treehouse may lack windows. Some even lack walls. The accommodations depend in great part on where the guests choose to stay. Learn what the accommodations look like, what the resort provides, and what guests need to bring. This ensures there are no surprises when the party arrives at the treehouse.

Know When to Visit

Some treehouse resorts only remain open for part of the year. For this reason, a person must schedule their vacation accordingly. However, certain treehouse resorts remain open the entire year, and guests need to determine when they wish to visit. Some people like cold weather while others prefer the warmth of the summer. With the right planning, finding a treehouse resort that meets the needs of the guest won’t be a challenge.

Anyone looking for an adventure and a different type of vacation should consider staying in a treehouse. This is one experience that will be enjoyed from start to finish if guests know what to expect before they arrive. Many resorts now offer the option of staying in a treehouse, and these resorts are found all over the world. When the time comes to plan a vacation, be sure to ask if this option is available. Many people will be thrilled to learn it is.

Written by Kan Dail