How is it Working with US Temp Agencies?


Temp agencies also known as staffing agencies, are the agencies which help people in finding their desired jobs whether permanent or temporary. These companies connect the candidates to the different companies and the contracts can be short-term or long-term according to the candidate’s desired needs.

You probably have read many articles about what are reliable staffing agencies, how do they work, how do you apply to temp agencies, etc. This article is going to be different because I have gathered some information about you people that how it is to work with temp agencies, have made a list of some best temp agencies located in the USA, in what fields these agencies offer jobs, benefits of working with temp agency like this, and some tips of working with the temp agency.

Best US Temp Agencies


I will specifically talk about the US Temp agencies in this article. Some of the best US Temp agencies are:

  • Robert Half – greatest and oldest company serving millions of people
  • Randstad – another reliable agency providing great customer services
  • Express Employment official – from a newbie to professional, it serves everyone
  • Aerotek – another number 1 staffing firm in the USA

How do Temp agencies work?


Temp agencies are responsible for several things. They are the ones who pay the workers and it is their responsibility to hire or fire someone. The company itself cannot terminate any person; if a temp agency has hired him then only the temp agency have the right to terminate him.

For applying to the temp agency you simply have to provide them a CV of yours just like you give your CV to the companies. Temp agencies take your interviews themselves to check your skills so they can place you in a field you deserve.

You would be thinking that companies also take your interview afterward or not? No, there is no need for a company to take your interview again. All these procedures are done by the temp agencies which finish the headache of both, the companies and the candidates who have a fear of being rejected.

Another important thing that should be in your knowledge is that even though you’re working for another company through a temp agency but your salary and termination is in the agency’s control.

How is it working with these US temp agencies?


Temp agency gives you temporary or permanent jobs according to your requirement. These all US temp agencies that I’ve mentioned are very reliable and trustable. I’m here to tell you that working with these temp agencies can be very beneficial for you in many ways. These agencies not only help you in finding a job but they also take care of your personal needs which sometimes companies don’t.

They pay you extra bonuses if you work overtime or if you deserve it. They take care of your medical needs which include vision insurance and disability insurance too.

In some cases, you can go from temp to permanent too as some companies hire candidates from a temp to check how committed they are with their job, also if they are suitable for the job. If the candidates meet the requirements of the company fully then they ask you if you want to work there permanently. For this, you need to show them how dedicated you are. In this article, I will also tell you some tips for working with a temp agency.

What kind of jobs do these temp agencies offer?


These temp agencies offer jobs in a variety of fields and I have listed some of them below:

  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • HR (Human Resources)
  • Communications
  • Technology
  • Accounting

Benefits of working with these temp agencies

  • You get hired in one or the other field most probably and this is the biggest advantage of temp agencies if you are looking for a part-time job in any field. You don’t have to get hired in your areas of expertise and you will have no fear of being rejected. You have many other options when it comes to a temp agency.
  • You can never stay jobless working with these temp agencies because if your job duration is completed then they can instantly hire you for another job in a different company if you want to continue working.
  • You never have to pay to a temp agency. If they are requesting money from you then it is probably a scam that is why I have mentioned some of the best US temp agencies above so you may not be scammed.
  • You don’t have to go to different companies for the interview which means no fear of being rejected by different companies.
  • These agencies also give you leaves like maternity and parenting leaves. Weekly pay is also given to people who want money. Vacation pays are also given by them if you plan to go on a vacation.

Tips for working with a temp agency


Ending this article with some of the tips if you are looking forward to working with these best US agencies I have mentioned above:

  • Think of it as your permanent job and work with dedication if you are thinking to become a permanent part of the company you are working in.
  • If a position in your desired field is not available then don’t reject other jobs and be open to getting a job in any field if you are an intern, newbie or just gaining experience.
  • The most important thing is communication. Communicate with everyone while working there, this way you will get a strong bond with everyone and they will come to know about your dedication.


Needless to say, these all US temp agencies are best if you need a job as they don’t even ask for fees and provide their candidates’ multiple benefits. So, instead of going from company to company, dropping your CVs, and giving interviews to different people, you can go to these temp agencies for a job.

Written by Marinelle Adams