7 Tips For Avoiding Costly DIY Mistakes When Remodeling A Bathroom


There is no doubt that remodeling the bathroom can attract a lot of value to your home. However, you should keep in mind that remodeling in itself can turn out to be a headache. Thus, this is because one can make numerous costly mistakes while bringing in a change.

Because bathrooms are usually the hardest to remodel, you might face numerous challenges. An individual must gain expertise before fiddling in essential areas such as bedrooms and living rooms. Sometimes, an interior designer can take months to decide on the bathroom remodeling plan.

Are you planning to transform the appearance of your bathroom completely? Then you must consider reading through to learn some of the most common DIY mistakes people usually make when transforming their bathrooms!

7 Costly Mistakes People Make When Remodelling Their Bathrooms

1. Many Individuals Forget To Set Up Ventilation


When changing the overall outlook of your bathroom, make sure to focus more on the areas where ventilation is required. Sometimes individuals are so engrossed in their bathroom’s glamorous needs that they often tend to forget the entry of fresh air into the bathroom.

Only underestimating the ventilation of your bathroom can turn out to be extremely costly. Because the bathroom is the only room in your house that is always damp, lack of ventilation can lead to mold growth. This can eventually result in foul odor and mildew. Indeed, you must always take ventilating your bathroom seriously.

Apart from that, adding an exhaust fan and planning accordingly can do a lot of help too! Keep an eye out for the items you usually purchase at a discount.

It wouldn’t make much of a difference when purchasing lighting, tiling, and glasses at a discount. However, purchasing an exhaust fan at a discount could compromise the quality. Therefore, when opting for an exhaust fan, go for the best quality at an affordable price!

2. Removing The Bathtub

Unless you plan to reside at your home forever and not sell it anytime, you should always consider including a shower or a bathtub when drafting a remodeling plan. Today, many people are opting for showers instead of bathtubs. However, if you plan to sell your home after a few years, consider a bathtub instead of a shower since it could attract more prospective tenants in the long run.

3. Completing The Tiling Work On Your Own


Working on the tiling of your bathroom can turn out to be a costly mistake. You might need to gain the necessary expertise required, so it is usually best to leave this job to an experienced professional. There is no doubt that you wish for water to flow in the sink, shower, and toilet. However, when working on the tiling job on your own, you may be at a high risk of witnessing water seeping into your floors and walls.

Many individuals usually hire unqualified to complete the tiling job to save money. If the tiling job is done incorrectly, you might have water leakage problems and added structural damage.

4. Neglecting Advanced Storage Solutions

Many people need to remember storage shelves when focussing on trendy bathroom designs. Numerous people might opt for mirrors above their sinks instead of a storage cabinet. The mirror size can also limit a lot of space in your washroom, besides offering no storage facilities. Therefore, consider going for pedestal sinks or vanity sinks that offer cabinets for all the bathroom clutter.

5. Always Opting For Marble Flooring

There is no doubt that marble is a grand and luxurious option for any flooring work. However, there might be better options than this one when it comes to the bathroom. Thus, this is because marble in the bathroom can result in increased costs and slipperiness, apart from being difficult to maintain.

Considering its porous nature, marble tile is susceptible to damage as well as stains from various beauty products. Therefore, when it comes to flooring, it is usually best to opt for Dekton or Silestone!

6. Neglecting Electrical Equipment


It is very important to consider spaces for electrical outlets in the bathroom. Many people keep their grooming tools in the washroom. Considering the grooming tools available, you should opt for an ideal number of electrical outlets in the washroom. Now that electric toothbrushes, razors, and nightlights are commonly used, planning for a sufficient number of electrical outlets is essential.

Yet again, numerous outlets in the same space or a thick power strip might look less appealing in your bathroom. Sometimes, way too many outlets can also increase bathroom accidents. It is usually best to opt for pop-out electrical outlets that can be popped out of the wall when needed and back into the wall after use.

7. Not Focussing On Door Clearance

If you browse for “disastrous renovations of bathrooms’, you will see that many bathrooms have doors only opening partially or hitting the sink. This is one of the most common renovation mistakes that individuals make. Therefore, when choosing a door, keep the dimensions in mind.

Apart from that, you should also see the space available in your bathroom to keep an excellent door clearance. You can opt for sliding or bifold doors if you have a relatively small bathroom. In the long run, this will save up a lot of space. However, in the case of large bathrooms, it is usually best to opt for pivot or even hinged doors.


Now that you are all geared up for transforming your bathroom, it may be crucial to keep another aspect in mind. One of the biggest remodeling mistakes people make is failing to observe costly surprises in their bathrooms. It is widespread to find water leakage problems in bathrooms that don’t have numerous components appropriately installed. Therefore, homeowners must prepare some additional budget for surprises or leakage problems!

Written by Kan Dail