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5 Signs You Need to Change Your Recruiting and Hiring Software


If you are in recruiting business you know just how fast things can get. When you hire a new person you want everything done efficiently and effectively. This is, of course, achievable, but only if you are using top-end software. The whole process is not possible in this manner. No matter how adept you are in recruiting, there’s always that lingering feeling that things could go smoother. It’s even worse if you are aware that things are moving slowly, and you are not able to pick and hire your candidate before the competition despite ranking him highly.

Things like these could lead to a lot of frustration, and it’s better to avoid them if possible. Luckily, it is possible, you only need to recognize the signs that you are in the described situation. To be able to tell this, we have offered help in the form of this article which we fittingly named the five signs you need to change your recruiting and hiring software. If you recognize any of these, the time is for you to change. The change isn’t always easy, and it could take time. But, with the right guidance, it can be done and the transition to a new era could happen seamlessly.

You’re Still Using a Manual Tracking Process


If you are not sure that you are using a manual tracking system, you’ll know if Excel one of the items you are using. Applicant tracking systems shouldn’t rely on Excel any longer if you want them upgraded over manual versions. Excel is an amazing tool, but if you need to track down a number of applicants, it’s no longer the best option. It has been for so long, but the time is right to give it a rest. You can easily lose track of essential data, and miss out on a perfect candidate. Recruiting process needs to be swift and precise, and Excel no longer can provide this for you when compared to other tools such as Staff Glass which are also available on the market and perfect for your use. The process needs to be rid of long hours that used to be spent on data entry. Look for the options that provide the best service for you, as time and technology don’t wait for anyone, and so it won’t for you.

Lousy Communication and Connections


Up-to-date recruiting software will allow you to communicate with each candidate directly through its system. If this is not the case, it means you need to resort to the old-fashioned methods. In modern recruitment, the reliance on social medial or e-mail communication is fading away, and if this is how you are talking to your applicants you are outdated. Doing things this way will slow the whole process down, and many applicants could even be turned off because of it. Applicants like to communicate through a functioning applicant tracking system as it gives them confidence that they will not be misplaced. If you don’t pay attention to this, the chances are that you’ll not only lose the applicants but will also send messages to others that they shouldn’t even apply. You need to look after the reputation of your company, which could be ruined if the word comes out that you’re not following the latest hiring trends.

Poor User Experience


Technology advanced drastically, and most people are getting used to it as it makes life easier. Today’s apps and software are designed in a manner that allows quick and effective communication in only a few clicks. When it comes to candidates looking for a job, they want to make a good impression. This will be hard and frustrating for them if they encounter an application that is hard to comprehend. Your brand needs to be elevated above this, as it will end a positive message by using the latest tech which is easy to comprehend by users. Furthermore, you should always look to have software that can be used on any device. It needs to be optimized for smartphones which is a device that most candidates always have on them. Not being able to communicate with your company via smartphone will be a massive turn-off for plenty of candidates, trust us on this one.

You’re Manually Posting to Job Sites


Time is money, and as such it mustn’t be wasted. If your recruiters lose too much time trying to manually post openings on job sites, their time will be consumed, and not used too effectively. Because of this, your company will lose not only resources but also money. With the right application, you’ll need to write the job opening only once, and the software would do the res and spread the news towards other recruiting sites. It all comes down to one simple formula that needs to work – make everything available in few simple clicks.

Writing of Letters


Good old scribbling. You shouldn’t be doing it. Same as Excel, Word is an amazing program, which is used by millions each day, and it has its purpose in every office. But, the offer letters are different, and they shouldn’t rely on Word too much. The times have changed and you need to follow through. A good ATS service, like the one we mentioned in one of the passages above, needs to have these letters built into the software. We’re not talking about one letter, but about a number of templates that only need basic data entered before being sent out to the candidate. Doing things like this fastens the whole process, and it is something you need to strive for. If your recruiting software isn’t up-to-date and is slowing down your operations you need to think about upgrading or replacing it. If you don’t do this in time, you might be losing good candidates to other companies, making your brand weaker with time, and getting know in the business world as some kind of a technological dinosaur.

Written by Marinelle Adams