Chi Energy And Ormus: How Are They Connected- 2024 Guide


Have you ever heard of Chi energy and Ormus and wondered what their connection is? If so, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we’ll unravel the mysterious relationship between these two elusive concepts and help you understand just how they work together. So grab a cup of tea, sit back, and let’s get started on our journey into the unknown.

Understanding the basics

Chi energy, also known as “Ki” or “Qi”, is an ancient concept from Chinese philosophy and is believed to be an invisible force that animates and energizes all living things. The word translates to “life force energy” and encompasses all energies associated with the physical body and spiritual awareness.

It has been recognized in the healing arts for centuries, studied, practiced, and passed down among generations of healers.

Ormus is a state of matter derived from minerals in water and liquid form. It consists of atoms that vibrate at very high frequencies beyond what can be seen with the naked eye. While these energies have not yet been scientifically proven, they are believed to feel warm or cool when touched; they are highly magnetic and they act differently in different environments. Ormus has been traditionally used by some cultures during meditation rituals as it supports spiritual growth and connection to higher consciousness through its vibrations.

Historical Perspective


Chi energy is not only associated with maintaining physical health but it is also thought to have a significant influence over spiritual well-being. Often, when people discuss or reflect upon energies in the environment, they are referring to chi. Martial artists strive to marshal their ki in order to obtain prowess during combat. Traditional healing arts like acupuncture and shiatsu massage make use of this life force regime as a way of targeting issues related to chronic pain and emotional balance. Similarly, yoga and qigong bring about body-mind connections through the manipulation of the ki energies around us.

On the other hand, Ormus is derived from matter that naturally occurs around us – humus, seawater, rainwater, salt – and has been used in various forms throughout human history as a form of holistic medicine or spiritual therapeutic practice. It is derived from elements such as gold, and platinum group minerals (PGMs) which are believed by some to possess ongoing harmonic resonance with the primordial material out of which all flux=ions eventually arise – so-called Proto Matter/Ormes. These materials can be found in nature though their concentrations tend to vary depending on location.

Collectively these materials are thought by some theorists to be energetic openings for consciousness-enhancing possibilities – portals exploring the alchemical transformation between traditional minerals/elements and more subtle substances suitable for transcending into other planes with greater awareness potentials awakening expanded perceptual experiences beyond our normal waking consciousness states. The process involves grounding one’s own configuration within subtle essence systems reconnecting us back into natural fields while allowing us access/gateways back into divine network transmissions functioning at higher substructural order frequencies assisting with both evolutionary growth patterns.

How are They  Connected

When it comes to understanding how chi and Ormus may be related some practitioners have extrapolated that each is associated with its own form of vibrational healing – with Chi energies providing a beneficial connection between mental health and physical well-being while Ormus nourishes harmony between the physical body and higher realms of consciousness.

These two forms of energy could potentially work in tandem; For example, using Chi energies could clear away blockages making it easier for Ormus elements ingested into the body to be absorbed quickly thus accelerating their potential benefits. This theory has yet however been scientifically tested due largely in part because both Chi Energy and Ormus remain metaphysical phenomena – which makes it difficult for scientists studying these concepts without specific scientific tools tailored towards metaphysical understanding.

Ways to Access and Practice Chi Energy


There are various ways to access and practice both Chi Energy and Ormus; some require more advanced knowledge or experience than others. Here are some of the more popular approaches:

  1. Mindfulness Meditation: Awareness of the life force within you that flows through your body can be accessed through mindful meditation for enhanced energy flow and health benefits. This practice helps us to relax, and focus on unconditional love, and non-judgmental acceptance of ourselves.
  2. Qi Gong or Chi Kung: This centuries-old Chinese practice is an ancient set of movements designed to stimulate chi flow in the body. The purpose of Qi Gong is not only to strengthen our physical body but also to maintain a balance between mind, body, and spirit connection as well as between Yin (feminine side) and Yang (masculine side). There are numerous Qi Gong styles available; you can easily find one right for you with a bit of research.
  3. Reiki: Reiki is a Japanese-based defined system using hands-on healing with the intention to channel chi energies from the cosmic source into your physical being for energizing regeneration at all levels – physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological & mental–of your being. It works with universal energies that transmit through any living thing for healing purposes by addressing imbalances in our own energy system with intention & sound medical principles associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine( TCM). Practicing Reiki helps build energy so pain relief becomes more attainable. One does not need any special skills prior to learning Reiki which increases its appeal & comforting aura associated with it traveling all around the world.


In conclusion, Chi energy and Ormus share a deep connection that is difficult to describe. They both involve the manipulation of natural elements in order to create forms of energy with positive benefits. Though their overall effects are similar, each form ultimately produces different results due to its unique method of harvesting energy from its source material. Though still largely unknown to Western medicine practitioners, both these forms of alternative medicine have been used for centuries in the East, offering ample evidence for faith in their powers.

It’s recommended that anyone interested in experiencing these energetic practices do so with the guidance of an experienced professional so as to maximize results while avoiding potential harm or discomfort.

Written by Kan Dail