15 Interesting Chimpanzee Facts

chimpanzee with stick

Chimpanzees are the closest relative of humans and mostly seen in the rainforest, grassland and woodland of West and Central Africa. Talking about the appearance, Chimpanzees body is covered with long dark hair, however, they dont have a tail like other monkeys. Chimpanzees are seen in communities that can be upto 150 but they are listed as highly endangered animals because of habitat loss and increased commercial hunt. Currently, approximately only 300,000 individuals left in the wild. Let me list down some of the interesting Chimpanzee Facts,

Interesting Chimpanzee Facts

  • Chimpanzees are omnivorous animals(they eat both plants and animals), It loves to eat meat, eggs, insects and fruits.
  • The thumb of Chimpanzees lies in the site direction with other fingers similar to humans and this shape helps them to use and develop tools for them in the wild.
  • Chimpanzees generally use tools like sticks to extract ants from the trees/holes or even stones to break their shell in nuts.
  • The diseases common in humans and Chimpanzees are measles, ringworm, hepatitis B, influenza etc.
  • Just like humans, Chimpanzees kiss and hug to show love to each other in the community, however, they use a complicated system of sounds to communicate with each other.

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chimpanzee with stick
  • Chimpanzees go grooming of young ones that create a good bond among themselves.
  • Chimpanzees used to play many games when they are getting bored.
  • Chimpanzees are 6 to 7 times stronger than humans though they have many similarities with humans.
  • Chimpanzees can learn a man language in captivity.
  • Chimpanzees like to spend the t in the nest they made in the tree with the help of leaves and branches. They used to change the location of every night.
  • Chimpanzees can walk on two legs but they have used all four limbs for walking.
  • The female one used to give birth to new ones in every 3-4 years and bond between mother and young animals is very strong and last for 7 years.
  • The little ones has white tail tuft that goes away with time.
  • When Chimpanzees are unwell, they used to eat medicinal plants to heal themselves.
  • The lifespan of Chimpanzees is 40 t0 50 years in the wild.

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Written by Kan Dail