How Do You Control Pests During a Home Remodel?


Are you planning to refurbish your house? If so, this is perhaps the wickedest time for you to deal with a pest infestation. When undertaking a home renovation, keep in mind that you will disrupt pests’ lives if they are already on the premises. It may even become worse as a result of anxiety of the existing structure and the addition of new materials.

First, it is helpful to address the prevailing pest issues prior to the start of any construction. Failure to include pest control during the pre-construction process will make you get stuck with the pest problems even before completing the renovation process.

For instance, if you plan to remodel the bathroom or kitchen and forget to control the pests, what could happen? Well, you will plainly seal rodents and other bugs straight into the walls or the structure.

In this case, you will have a pest infestation at your disposal, and you have to eliminate them fully. Keep in mind that you will spend a lot of money and time replacing the areas you recently refurbished. Regrettably, this is something that happens, and it is not unbelievable.

Another thing you need to think of is all the possible pathogens these pests may be carrying, which could threaten your family’s health. Therefore, it is recommended to control pests in your house before, during, and after the completion of refurbishments. Check out how you can control a pest infestation during a home renovation below.

Pest Management Before the Renovations


Before you begin any refurbishments in your home, it is advisable to develop effective ways of managing the pests in the region. Here is where consulting pest guides come in handy as they give you proposals on what needs to be accomplished, besides helping you include ideal pest management strategies.

Below are some of the tips you can consider before the renovation starts to assist in pest management:

  • Work hand in hand with a professional pest management control service to evaluate the pest activity in the construction area. If you perform this, you will have an easy time determining the measures to consider to lower pests’ presence throughout the house during refurbishment.
  • Carry out a pest pre-treatment on the renovation site. It is advisable to pre-treat some construction materials like timber to secure them against various pests, such as termites. The other thing is that you can lower or avoid a pest infestation after renovation by opting for pest-proof materials, like non-cellulose materials.
  • Before bringing repair and construction materials to the site, you have to inspect them thoroughly. Keep in mind that pests can get into your home by using already infested materials to perform the repairs. Therefore, you have to use pest-free construction materials to avoid prospective pest issues.

Managing Pests During the Renovation Process


If you are already in the process of refurbishing your house, below are the essential tips you need to consider to manage the pests in the best way possible:

  • Buy new furniture to replace the already infested ones. When it comes to renovating your house, it is recommended to perform an inspection on all parts to make sure you eliminate all items that are already infested by pests. The best thing about this action is that it avoids further damages.
  • As said earlier, you have to pre-treat the repair materials prior to using them for the repair works. So, if you are going to use timber to perform most of these major repairs, you must pre-treat it to avoid pests’ future attacks.
  • Lastly, it would help if you work hand-in-hand with a professional and experienced pest management service provider. They have amazing expertise regarding the control of pests in your house during repairs.

Now, when it comes to making refurbishments, be it big or small, you should avoid disregarding pest management. Well, this is one of the reasons you have to hire a specialized pest management service from the word go to assist you in securing your home and positioning the newly refurbished house for greatness.

Pest Management after the Renovations


There are a couple of steps you have to follow to make sure you have eliminated all pests for good before you can even start enjoying the house’s newly renovated design. One of the best solutions requires installing sodium vapor lights that do not attract flying pests. This way, the pests will keep off your front porch and instead target the street lighting. During home remodeling, understanding the difference between a millipede vs centipede is crucial for effective pest control. Identifying and
addressing these unwanted guests promptly ensures a smoother renovation process and a pest-free living environment.

Additionally, evaluate the frames on the windows and doors to certify that they are tight, and there is no presence of holes. Also, you may install insect screens during the summer to deter flying pests. Please consider the following tips:

  • Install pest baits to catch the pests that might have remained after the remodeling ends.
  • Make sure there are appropriate grading and water drainage. An improperly graded property and insufficient water drainage harbor pests. So, it would help if you had perfect drainage and ideal grading.
  • During the landscaping process, you should avoid plants that attract pests. Also, keep off fruit trees, flowering plants, and ground-covering types. Thus, if you need to landscape the house, you have to lower pest infestation by planting less attractive plants to pests.

What the Experts Say


Whenever the time to make substantial renovations come, be it constructing a new room or modifying the existing one, you should never disregard pest management services. Hiring a specialist to start the ground-level preparation will help secure your property and position it for success. You will be really impressed by pest absence in the property, and in the process, enhance the mood of the house.

At the end of it all, it is recommended to follow a mindset that does not see the imminent refurbishment as a huge issue in terms of pests and termites. You need to avoid assuming that the refurbishment will expose the underlying problems. Instead, let it allow you to think of it as an exceptional opportunity to solve pest problems for good. Click here to get professional pest control services.

Written by Marinelle Adams