What is the First Thing You Should do When Writing an Essay


Even though essays are common in middle school, high school and college, it still evokes massive amounts of stress and anxiety in many students. You may also need to write essays in the business world, so as you can tell, it goes on and on.

Are you wondering how you can overcome your fear of essays? If your first thought is always, “who will write my essay for me?”, each time a writing assignment is assigned to your class, you’re in luck because you can actually turn to professional essay writers for assistance. For more help check here.

But even as you seek help, you need to figure out how to embrace essays because, during a sit-in exam, you cannot ask an academic writer to help you.

Essays are short pieces of writing that express the writer’s opinion on a given subject. You can learn to love writing them because it’s more or less like verbal communication. The only difference is you’ll be using carefully selected words to express your opinion. Essay writing also includes research, while verbal communication is an expression of what you already know.

Remember that no matter the course you choose in college, you’re bound to encounter essay writing in one form or another. It would be much easier if you moved away from resistance and into acceptance because embracing your fears is how you overcome them. Soon, you will be looking forward to the next one you have to write because you enjoy the process.

There is no doubt that essays are daunting assignments because you never know what your professor will ask you to write about. But when you look at it as a welcome challenge, the time you spend on research, writing, and editing won’t be as torturous. Remember, it’s an assignment you can break into simple steps to make the writing manageable.

Here is what you should do when writing an essay.

Make it Fun


Even if you were a mediocre essay writer in middle school and high school, it could be a fun experience for you in college if you put in the effort. If you remember correctly, there must be one good you wrote in high school, and the teacher gave you an A. This is proof that you’ve got it in you to be an impressive essay writer.

When you join college, look at essays as your opportunity to express your unique perspective on different matters. Seeing them as opportunities for expression rather than assignments changes your whole perspective on the issue. You can then tap into your creativity and write from your heart.

Many students dread essay assignments because they look at them as impossible tasks, yet it could be one more thing they enjoy about being in college. The best thing about essays is that they allow you to do your research so that you can support your opinion on different facts with concrete facts. The process of looking for the right information to back up your take on a controversial subject is like solving a puzzle one piece at a time.

Essay writing doesn’t always have to be boring because the internet provides you with all the information required to make it fun and engaging. What’s more, you can discuss the essay question with your friends in case you’re having a hard time finding a good approach for tackling it. Brainstorming in a group allows you to gain new perspectives that can give you a breakthrough in solving the essay question.

Students just assume that writing essays are difficult, so they don’t even bother to enjoy the process. But when you look at it as a fun activity, you realize that it’s not as hard as you made it out to be.

Figure Out Why You Find Essay Writing to be Hard


If you want to break the cycle of your old habits, you’ve got to begin at the root of it. What makes you feel like writing them is hard? When did you first encounter this perspective, and what has reinforced it over the years? When asked why essay writing is hard, many students can’t give actual reasons because it’s just something they’ve decided without proof.

So, they’re always putting on writing an essay assignment until it’s too late, then they have to do it hastily, which reinforces their hate and discouragement. If all your essays are written under pressure and with fear of missing the deadline, it’s only natural that you would end up hating them. You cannot find it easy to string sentences together when your heart is racing, and all your mind is focused on how little time you’ve got to complete your paper.

Many students would rather scroll through social media than write an essay their professor will like. Others are so focused on scoring an A that they forget to be authentic in their writing, and the rest wish to do the least amount of work and still earn good points.

When you concentrate on the external rewards of writing, like avoiding plagiarism, winning your teacher’s approval or getting a passing grade, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever hack essay writing. Instead, you need to pay attention to the process and appreciate what value it can add to your life as a student. Look at every essay your professor assigns as yet another opportunity to better yourself.

Take Control of the Writing Process


Every time your professor assigns you an essay, they bestow to you the power to curate a paper without supervision or restriction. Use this as an opportunity to show your professor that you’re capable of making legitimate points. Leverage the resources available to you online and on the internet to back up your opinions on the subject matter.

Taking control of the writing process means acknowledging your ability to be authentic, original, and reasonable. The more you embrace this type of writing, the better you will get at dissecting even the most controversial topics.


Before you write the next one, your professor assigns, ensuring you’re in tune with the pointers discussed above. Embracing essay writing as a fun activity allows you to take control of the writing process and not worry about the external rewards of the process.

Written by Marinelle Adams