What to do if Your Admissions Essay Is Too Short – 2024 Guide


Admission essay gives a lot of stress to students. It is an essential thing to secure your admission and even if it is not much complex, students get stressed over it. You cannot expand it too much because the readers are office workers and they have to deal with a lot of other stuff. Therefore, you are asked to write the essay precisely.

However, you cannot write a too short essay. There is a proper format for writing the admission letter and if it is too short, your application might reject. So how can you decide whether it is too short or long or is just enough?

Well, you have to read the criteria for it. Usually, the admission letters must have a 250 to 650 words length. So if it is less than 250 words, the committee members might not even consider it. Likewise, if you write around 1000 words, the reader will find it boring and a tough task to do. Thus, irrespective of the quality of your content, it is of no use.

Getting professional help


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The first thing that you need to do is to provide your details. There is a calculator on the main page. You have to write the academic level of your paper and the type you want. Afterward, type the number of words you want and at what time you want it. After typing all the details, you will have the price that you have to pay.

So if you are too confused about things, you can get professional help. Instead of getting rejected, it is better to seek professional assistance. They will have the “just right” thing according to your requirements. Furthermore, the word length will be perfect and neither too short nor too long.

Here are some other tips for you;

1. Check if you can add more details


You have to check for all the details of the essay. If the word count is too short, you can go into the detail of your topic and add more words.

For example, you faced a crisis during stud time. So instead of telling the reader to read about the problem, you should tell how you went through it and what you gained from it. To say it simply, don’t just tell them, show them how you went through the tough time. This will tell them how you are capable of going through a tough and rough time.

2. Check if you missed a certain topic

There will be a detailed example on the college platform. You can have a look at it and see if you have missed a section or can add anything else. There are proper sections of the essay.

For example, you have to tell about your personal details, educational background, and your interests. Moreover, you have to tell them why you are interested in joining that specific course. It is possible that you might have skipped a section. But if you haven’t and your information is too short, you have to complete the word count from other sections. You can increase your story, your personal interests, and similar sections. This will give you a better word count.

3. Focus on the introduction


The introduction paragraph is said to be the vital section of any essay. Irrespective of the type of essay you are writing, if the introduction is not good enough, no reader would like to move forward. Therefore, pay attention to the introduction and make it as good as possible.

Moreover, if the essay is too short but fits in the word limit and you are worried whether it is good enough or not. Read the introduction. A short essay would be beneficial for you if the writing is strong and powerful and conveys the message effectively.

4. Tell about yourself and your interests in detail

You have to provide all the essential details about yourself. The essay should explain everything about you. You can tell about your better relations with your family. Furthermore, you can tell more about why you are interested in the specific program.

Your interest in the college or the discipline will let you add more words. If your mind is stuck somewhere and you cannot find anything to write about it, you can surf the web. Search about the discipline online and you will have plenty of ideas and real stories.

So you can get motivation from them or can simply use the same idea and make yourself look better. This will not only increase the word count but will also give a better impression of you. The reader will assume that you have great interest in the major and you are well-aware of what you are going to do.

5. Use proper diction


You must know the reader. Although you are writing the essay for the college or university’s admin staff, you are not them. Therefore, the choice of words should be careful. You should not use tough and complicated diction. Instead, use simple words and explain yourself in a better way.

Irrespective of the level of ease you are following, you should never show your language weakness. The use of simple language means that you use proper words that are suitable for your age group. Therefore, it is necessary that you do not copy anything from the internet. You can get ideas but you should explain them in your words. Thus, you will be able to show your command of language.

Written by Marinelle Adams