5 Reasons You Are Not Finishing Your Essays On Time


While students learn, they have to write a great variety of essays. They all are different and have different purposes. One of the compulsory and inevitable demands for essay writing is to submit projects by a definite date. If they violate that date, a teacher or professor may deprive them of most or even all grades. Accordingly, it’s really hard to overrate the importance of quick essay writing.

Many students are not able to manage their essays on time and look for alternatives. For example, they use the assistance of It’s a professional custom essay writing service with fast and skilled academic experts who can be easily hired online. Nevertheless, this alternative shouldn’t be your main solution. One may apply effective strategies and techniques to complete and submit every project on time.

Lauren Bradshaw, a professional blogger and writer, was very kind to share her experience with students. “I’m a writer and blogger for almost 15 years and I also used to be a student. I know a lot about the pressure of time that is one of the worst enemies of a writer. Luckily, one may apply various effective methods to become a faster writer. Practice regularly, have a plan, control the time, and be an enthusiast. These are my clues for success”.

If you apply the right methods and are enthusiastic, you’ll definitely manage everything. Besides, we are convinced that you should know your enemy. We mean the factors that lead to a problem. Our guide sheds light on 5 reasons why students cannot finish their essays when they are required.

It’s Not Your Habit


One of the most obvious but frequently omitted reasons for slow writing is the lack of a writing habit. You may not even notice it until it’s too late. Try to be honest with yourself and check how often you practice writing skills.

Most students write only when they are assigned tasks. Some don’t write all the essays. It doesn’t help to develop writing skills and students cannot speed up physically. One should write regularly to be fast.

Too Many Tasks and Duties


Students are commonly overloaded with academic tasks and responsibilities. They have to write heaps of essays, research papers, case studies, presentations, speeches, and so on. Of course, every assignment has a concrete time limit that cannot be violated. Youngsters may simply not have enough strength and advanced skills to fulfill all their tasks on time.

Poor Time Management Skills


The third reason may be your time management. You may have in-depth knowledge and advanced writing skills. Nonetheless, it may be insufficient if you are a bad planner. Thousands of students suffer because of this vital drawback. They cannot divide their time reasonably, waste it on unnecessary things, and thus fail their deadlines.

Distractions Around You


Another reason for slow essay writing is everything that surrounds you. Oftentimes, the environment of students is, so to speak, unhealthy. Other people or things may draw their attention away and lead to the loss of learning focus. For example, students may have noisy and overly talkative neighbors in the dorm. Different activities or technical devices also affect their attention. The typical forms of distractions are:

  • Video games;
  • Frequent partying with friends;
  • Mobile phones;
  • Social media platforms;
  • Laptops or tablets;
  • TV shows, etc.

It’s necessary to turn off the devices if they aren’t required for learning. Unfortunately, many students are too dependent on their devices or various activities. They get absorbed entirely and don’t even notice that problem.



The fifth reason is related to the memory of students. It seems so simple and obvious, doesn’t it? Nonetheless, it’s the plain truth. Students are overloaded with multiple assignments, routine duties, personal issues, family affairs, etc. Therefore, they sometimes forget about a couple of essays and remember only when it’s too late.

Methods to Speed Up Writing


The reasons we have described are serious and may delay you too often. Fortunately, it’s not a catastrophe and everything can be fixed if you take the right “cure”. We have also prepared smart tips and methods to become a faster writer.

  • Create a working schedule. You should have daily, weekly, and even monthly plans. They should include all the tasks you have – academic and non-academic. Set deadlines for each of them.
  • Set priorities. It’s vital to develop a reasonable system of prioritization. Determine what tasks are important and which ones are irrelevant. Make sure your deadlines for them are realistic.
  • Practice regularly. If you want to be a swift writer, write every day. Make it a habit and devote at least two hours to writing. Cover various essay types with various topics in different subjects.
  • Get rid of distractions. While you write, make sure all your devices are turned off. Use only the ones that help to complete your tasks. Ask other people to stay quiet.
  • Take frequent breaks. It’s important to give yourself some rest. Most writers recommend taking short and frequent breaks that last for about 10-15 minutes. It helps to avoid mental exhaustion.
  • Try various time management strategies. You should also work out your time management skills. You may apply various strategies and techniques to define which ones suit your talent the best. For example, you may practice free writing. Set a timer for about 15 minutes and write everything you want. Try to improve the result every next time.
  • Find spirit supporters. It may be hard to find the motivation to write fast and regularly. Find a friend who will support you when you need it most. Thus, you’ll be supervised by a trustworthy helper.

Make use of the tips we have mentioned in our guide. They are very effective and if you follow them properly, you’ll surely speed up your writing and time management skills. Besides, don’t forget about the reasons for slow writing to avoid them in the future. Consequently, you’ll never be late and will submit all essays on time.

Written by Marinelle Adams