The History of Cannabis Products


The use of CBD products have risen in popularity in recent years, but this natural compound has been in our lives for much longer than you may have originally thought. The knowledge of discovering the positive effects that cannabis can have on our health can be dated back to 2737 BC. Over the years and after decades of prohibition, several countries have changed the way they view the approach to regulation of this plant. These legal changes have helped to further research and discover all of the different therapeutic benefits of taking CBD.

As we do our own research into the history of cannabis, some people have come to believe that the first documented use of the plant being used for medicinal purposes dates back to Chinese Emperor Sheng Neng. It’s rumoured that he used a cannabis-infused tea to help with symptoms of arthritis, malaria and gout. There are even historical rumours that Queen Victoria may have used cannabis to help her ease cramps from menstruation.

Cannabis quietly found it’s way around the world, but it wasn’t really recognized as a worthwhile therapy for ailments due to the overwhelming lack of evidence until 1839. Back then, an Irish doctor named William B. O’Shaughnessy published a study that highlighted some of the positive health effects. He became a controversial physician and medical researcher after he ran a study that tested using cannabis like a form of anesthesia. His unorthodox experiment opened the doors to other doctors to investigate more about the potential of this magical plant.

As the decades went by, doctors had to battle stigma and changes in laws and policies while conducting research. It’s only quite recently that we have discovered some of the health benefits of taking CBD for several different ailments. Doctors and scientists have harnessed the power of the cannabis plant for not just years, but decades. It’s worth continuing the exploration of all the other potential benefits that cannabis has to offer in terms of enhancing our personal health and our well-being. Let’s take a look at the short history of the types of products we’ve been able to create using cannabis oil.

Flower Products


The use of cannabis for healing was first put on paper in 1839, but research has shown that it has been around a lot longer than we originally thought. Historically we first start using cannabis by experimenting with smoking the dried leaves, there is evidence of pipes and recreational activities that have been documented in Herodotus’ fifth-century BCE history. The notion was supported by discoveries of carbonized hemp seeds found in several burial sites in Eurasia.

There are so many different “flavors” and strains of cannabis, and each has their own slight difference for how it will make you feel. You can visit this website for more information on the best strains to check out in 2024. Strains like Hemp flower cherry wine boast the effects of relaxation, clear focus and increased energy. Some strains can make you really relaxed and groggy, so it’s good to find one that gives you the desired effect you are looking for.

This is the first stage where we learned the potential powers of cannabis. Later, we learned that the plant has two distinct and different properties that can be extracted. The THC component was discovered to have relaxing and psychoactive properties, while the CBD component has the relaxing benefits without the head buzz.

Edible Products


Today, there are thousands of different products that contain CBD and THC for both recreational and medicinal use. Whether it’s cookies, brownies or candies, there are so many different ways you can consume cannabis through edibles. There are also a ton of different drink options out there from infused waters, juices and even different combinations of loose leaf teas. Edibles are also something that people can make themselves at home with the proper safety and guidance. There is a lot to consider when doing this, so a guide on how to buy CBD isolate online is a great resource to consult.

Topical Products


The invention of many topical creams, rollers and oils has been a game changer for people looking for natural healing substances instead of pharmaceuticals. People from all walks of life in all different age groups are finding the benefits to using some of these products for various reasons. It could be for sore or tense muscles or help with arthritis and inflammation. Many products are paired with other essential oils to maximize their potential to help heal and soothe.

Processed Products


Humans have experimented more and more with the process of extracting THC and CBD from the plant to create various wax and oil substances that are extremely potent. Tinctures, waxes and shatter are all some of the new products coming from the process. Delta-8 THC shatter is quite potent and is popular among recreational users. These forms of cannabis have helped the industry boom, making it easier and quicker to get desired results. The advancement in tech has also allowed for these potent creations to be used in electronic ways like vaporizers and or the ever-popular vape pens, so you can smoke discreetly almost anywhere, according to

When it comes to taking cannabis products for your health there are facts about CBD all users should know. The biggest issue that we have nowadays with cannabis are mainly legalization issues in various countries. There are also issues like policy changes and an ever overgrowing and oversaturated market that could lead to having more and more lower quality products for sale. As people begin to change the laws and grow the industry, people will have to keep up with the demand in creative, innovative and most importantly, safe ways.

The entire history and future potential of cannabis has not been unearthed yet and we are constantly learning about what it can do for us. From pain relief to relieving anxiety and even holistic beauty therapy, there are so many different uses for all these different CBD and THC products that are available. We also have yet to discover the maximum potential of this natural supplement. There’s no limit to the innovation that cannabis producers and scientists have come up with for their products. There are already so many creative and incredible products that are legally for sale in the market and the future of the cannabis oil industry is only slated to grow. The future of the cannabis industry is forecasted to hit $23 billion by 2025, and it’s difficult to see this industry ever slowing down anytime soon.

Written by Marinelle Adams