5 Ways to Prepare for Life as an Older Student

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Deciding to go back to school and being able to earn a degree is no small thing. On the one hand, the decision to go to college or university can be one of the best ones you ever make. It’s a chance to expand your skill set, unlock new opportunities, and erven pursue a career in something you’re genuinely passionate about. On the other hand, going back to school means managing a significant change to your way of life. You’ll be meeting people you’ve never encountered before and following a completely different routine. For younger people college often feels like a natural transition they explore before fully moving into the world of work. For older people, going back to school can feel uncomfortable, worrying, and even a little awkward in places. Here’s what you need to know as you prepare for a life as an older student.

Deal With Finances First

No matter your age, going to pursue your education with a college or university is going to cost. When you’re young, moving from high school into college, there are a lot of people out there to help you find things like grants and loans. When you’re older, it’s up to you to seek out your own funding. The good news is there are still options out there. Grants exist for older men and women who want to go back to school to earn new certifications. You might even be able to get some financial support from your current boss, particularly if you’re earning a degree that’s going to be beneficial to them. Don’t forget you can also look for private lenders who can offer student loans to help you pay for college. You can get a quote from this site here in a matter of minutes.

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Find Your People

Even as a younger student, it’s common to feel a little nervous, isolated, and even lonely when you go to college or university. Younger students typically move into dorms where they can build relationships with people quickly through day-to-day interactions. Older students are more likely to commute to their education, because they have families and responsibilities at home. If you’re struggling to find your place among a sea of students, one of the best things you can do is get online. There are tons of Facebook groups and forums dedicated specifically to students who want to meet people, make friends, and find peers to study with. You can also keep an eye open for events, flyers, and other opportunities around the campus.

Figure Out Your Work Strategy

While some older people decide to go back to school when they’re having a gap in their employment, most will want to pursue their education while still earning an income. The best way to make sure you don’t miss out on your job opportunities as you’re gaining your education, is to speak to your boss. Let them know why you’re going back to school and ask how they can help out. Most employers will be willing to work with you to find a schedule that works for you so you can handle study and work at the same time. You might also be able to take some of your classes remotely or online if you don’t have the time to rush between work and school. Organizing how you’re going to handle work and student life at the same time is often the most challenging part of going back to school.

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Find Your Focus

There are a lot of challenges associated with going back to school when you’re an older student. You’ll need to compromise on the time you spend with your family, and you may need to reduce the hours you work. At the same time, you’re dealing with a lot of work on your plate at the same time, which leads to higher feelings of stress and anxiety. If you go to college and you feel uncomfortable as the older person in your class, it can be tempting to give up and forget your ambitions. However, finding your focus can help you to stay on track. Determine your goals for going back to college early and create a vision board to remind you of what you’re doing all this hard work for. Staying motivated won’t always be easy, but if you can stick out the difficult parts, you’ll be on your way to a degree in no time.

Don’t Forget About Family Time

As impossible as it seems to have a life where you can balance work, school, and social or family life, finding the right balance is often the key to ensuring ongoing happiness when you’re getting a degree later in life. If you’re constantly jumping from your workplace to your student lectures, and study sessions, you will get to a point where you start to feel like you’re burning out. Organizing your schedule carefully so you can still have time for your family, friends, and even just looking after yourself will help to ensure you don’t overwhelm yourself during these difficult transitional periods. You’re going to have to do some juggling and make some compromises, but remember that the hard work should pay off in the long-run. Just remember to look after yourself whenever you can.

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It’s Never Too Late for Higher Education

While the concept of going back to school as an older student can definitely be daunting, it’s also something well-worth considering. Although you do need to devote extra time and effort to getting your degree, the things you learn during higher education should help you to achieve more of your goals. You might even earn the job of your dreams. Don’t forget, getting a better education isn’t just about building out your resume either. You’ll also go through experiences in college or university where you can learn more about yourself and what you really want to do with your life. If you’re feeling lost, college could be the perfect place to discover what you’re truly passionate about.

Written by Ana Weaver