How Spinning Tops Can Help With Stress Relief And Relaxation


If you fidget frequently, you must have noticed that some fidgeting works better than others. There is a reason behind this. Most individuals who fidget do it as a self-regulation tool. It helps in relieving stress and keeps them calm. And one of the best fidgeting toys for this purpose is spinning tops as they come with several potentials; for example, they enhance hand dexterity and grip and produce a calming and relaxing effect.

So, tops are not just for kids. They work as great little gadgets for adults too. Now, let’s take a look at how spinning tops are beneficial. 

What Are Fidget Toys?


Fidget toys are handheld tools that are designed to help in decreasing stress and enhance focus. These toys are usually advertised to kids; however, they are equally beneficial for adults. After all, adults can also benefit from releasing stress! Yes, there is no scientific proof yet backing the claim that fidgeting helps with stress; however, they are highly recommended. It has shown some positive results. Different types of fidgeting toys are available such as fidget spinners, spinning tops, etc. 

Benefits Of Fidgeting And Spinning Tops

If you are a fan of spinning tops, fidgets, toys, etc., then you will be happy to know that these spinning tops are not just to keep your hands busy. In fact, the fidget spinning top, or any other fidget toy, keeps you healthy both emotionally and physically. Looking at the physical benefits, the blood flows through your fingers and hands when you keep on fidgeting. This helps a lot in keeping your muscles relaxed. It is best suited after an exercise or intense workout routine. 

Fidgeting also keeps you relaxed and calm after an eventful or stressful day. When you spin constantly, you are focusing on one thing; thus, it enhances your attention span. So, let’s take a look at all the benefits in detail: 

Enhances Fine Motor skills

The muscles in your hands and fingers can become strained, mainly due to daily overuse. You spend so much time writing, typing, performing daily chores, etc. All these activities can tire the hand muscles. As you engage in top spinning, it requires you to use coordination and grip strength. This helps in maximizing your hand dexterity. Do you know, it is best suited for artists too? Yes, for artists who do complex actions with their hands, such as massage therapists, guitarists, etc., spinning tops can help them a lot.  

Curiosity And Knowledge

Spinning tops have always fascinated humans, and they fill them with curiosity; after all, a spinning top defies gravity. It is the tendency of human nature that fascinating objects enhance curiosity, and one wants to know what causes them. So, spinning tops keeps you curious. 

Helps In Academic Improvement

Students can benefit a lot from fidgeting. There have been several showing that fidgeting has improved student attention, focus, engagement, interaction, and writing abilities. One of the primary causes of restlessness is stress, but when engaged in fidgeting, students can relieve that stress. They have a medium in the form of spinning tops that help them to feel relaxed and calm. 

Have Calming Effect

Spinning tops induces a calming effect, which is useful in several situations. For example, if someone has surgery and is feeling anxious, then fidget toys help them relax. Also, individuals who have ADHD find it difficult to concentrate since fidgeting enhances focus; it is a great way for them to deal with concentration issues. 

Also, people who have PTSD find it difficult to calm down, or they feel anxiety. But fidgeting is a self-soothing activity thus, and it helps individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder to calm down. Sometimes, they have instances where they experience their past negative experiences. During that time, with the help of spinning tops, their mind gets distracted from their traumatic experience for the time being. 

Helps In Learning

Spinning tops or fidget toys help kids control their movements, which, in turn, enhances learning. Study shows that movement enhances learning. You must be wondering how they are related. Well, when movement and learning these two activities require the learner to utilize both hemispheres of their brain. Since fidgets help in the small muscle movements and sensory stimulation, it lets the individual use both the right and left hemisphere. When the whole brain is engaged, it helps to learn better. 

How Do Spinning Tops Help With Stress Relief And Relaxation?


At present, there is no solid scientific proof; however, all the claims regarding fidgeting are based on extensive studies. A vital question is how spinning a top can reduce stress. Well, one reason behind this is that fidgeting distracts the person from rumination. 

One of the robust solutions for stress is meditation and mindfulness. In fact, it has positively impacted serious stress disorders such as PTSD. Fidget spinners also work great as an object of focus regarding mediation.  

Also, it has been found that individuals with ADHD benefit from the movement of their large muscle group. However, with a fidget spinner, only small muscle movement happens, but studies have shown that any kind of movement can help with concentration. 

Mini-rituals and repetitive behavior help relieve stress and provide a comforting distraction. Any form of rhythmic behavior is soothing; for example, people tap their feet, shake their legs, etc. The same effects come with a spinning top. Also, it is a great way for adults to take a little break. 


Summing up, spinning the top is a great way to enhance the sensory stimulation that calms the person’s nervous system and thus helps them to relax. Also, it is a great way for kids to channel their energy and focus better. The spinning and digest tops are designed to increase focus and alleviate other distracting habits. This it is a great way to stay relaxed and release stress when needed. However, when purchasing one, remember always to get it from a reliable seller, as quality matters the most. 

Written by Kan Dail